What is FridaysForFuture and who is Greta Thunberg?

FridaysforFuture is a peoples' movement that began in August 2018, after 15 years old Greta Thunberg, a Swedish school student, sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school-day for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action of the government on the climate crisis and called the people of the world, especially the youth to school-strike too.

Why are kids striking?

School children are required to attend school. But with the worsening climate situation, this practice of going to school begins to be pointless because why study for a future which may not be there? Why spend a lot of effort to become educated, when our governments are not listening to the educated?

As Greta continued to school-strike and posted what she was doing on social media, it soon went viral, encouraging the youths across the world to join the movement. Greta's call touched millions of people all over the world as they felt they were in a do or die situation.

Yes, it's a do or die situation for us. Our existence is at stake and it's all about global warming and the climate catastrophe. We are already in the midst of 6th mass extinction. We are just 11 years away from being in a position where we set off an irresistible chain reaction beyond human control (according to IPCC report),eventually ending with the extinction of life on earth. Climate crisis is hence the greatest and the hardest challenge that Homo Sapiens have ever faced. It's an existential crisis, an emergency - global emergency.